Devin 4 Life Foundation – Devin’s Story

Devin was a vibrant and compassionate young man. He was a good student, a loyal friend, and a beloved son. He was not afraid to wear his favorite character “cookie monster” hats and shirts as he loved chocolate chip cookies and was dubbed the cookie monster within his family and circle of friends. He loved life and lived it to its fullest. He had a fun job at Skate City, a local roller skating rink that he loved. He always had an encouraging word or a hug when he saw a friend or fellow student in need, even if he didn’t know them! He had a strong family base and support network.

He was not the type of kid most would see as a target for bullies. He was not what anyone would view as an at-risk teen. While no child is perfect or problem free, Devin did not stand out as someone who needed help to deal with adolescence or life itself. He had clear goals and worked toward them with the support of his loving family.

These facts are what make Devin’s story such a tragic one. . . no one saw it coming.

Who We Are:

The Devin 4 Life Foundation is a non-profit organization working to create awareness and provide resources towards creating a bully and suicide free environment, and to provide information and assistance to anyone adversely affected by bullying and suicide in our communities.

Our Mission

To forever keep alive and strong the memory of Devin James Scott.

Our Vision

To create a positive change in our schools, families, and businesses.

What Can You Do?

We accept donations as well as offers of volunteer time, goods and services.

Quote of the Day

“Even a child is known by his actions, by whether his conduct is pure and right.”
― Proverbs 20:11